Meet The Pack

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Carly Ward – CEO & Co-Founder

I grew up with dogs as pets but never thought I would get the opportunity to work with them in my career! I worked in education for 11 years and came to realise my true passion lies working in dog nutrition and animal welfare so I took a step back from my apprenticeship company to train as a canine nutritionist with The British College of Canine Studies and launched Perfect Pawtions in early 2020.

I am passionate about educating people on dog food ingredients and supporting and improving animal welfare at home and across the world. I am very excited about where Perfect Pawtions will take us on our adventures, but the most important part is that our customers share the journey with us because we can achieve more together. I love good food, beach holidays and dog walks of course!


Penny Ward - Commercial Director & Co-Founder

Having spent most of my working life running businesses, this one has got to be the most fun and working with dogs has got to be the best thing ever! I started my career many moons ago in the travel business and was lucky enough to visit many different countries and experience lots of different cultures. I then moved on to Financial Services for 18 years, moved to Spain for 8 years, moved back to England and had an apprenticeships training company and now Perfect Pawtions.  The thing I am looking forward to the most with Perfect Pawtions is making donations to the animal charities we are going to help and ultimately improving animal welfare around the world. This will truly fulfil my purpose in life, and I cannot wait for the first charity to benefit. I enjoy good food and wine, lazy Sundays and dog walks on the beach where I live in Cornwall.


Bear - Head of Product Tasting

I’m Bear, and I was rescued from the RSPCA when I was 5 months old. Perfect Pawtions was inspired to launch because of the mistreatment of moon bears in China and Vietnam so because I look like one with similar white markings on my chest it was obviously meant to be! I am a real-life moon dog, woof to that!

The reason I decided to join the team is because I believe in Animals Helping Animals and I feel good about eating Perfect Pawtions food because not only is it scrummy but 10% of all the profit from my food goes to helping my animal friends in need.

I am in charge of all product tasting and I am a VERY fussy fur baby let me tell you. Nothing gets past me unless it’s worth barking about, you are in safe paws friends!

My favourite Perfect Pawtions treats are the Dental ones which contain turkey and wild boar, I usually just sit down and look gorgeous and then mum gives me loads of them. I love sniffing every blade of grass when I go for walks, playing with my favourite rope toys, running around with my friends and interrupting mum for Bear hugs when she is at her laptop. Oh and naps, lots of naps.


Bow - Assistant Product Taster

Hello, I’m Rainbow but everyone calls me Bow. I am a Maltese. I am so excited to have joined the team here at Perfect Pawtions now I’m fully grown and old enough!

I shall be helping Bear with taste testing all the new recipes that we are trying from the product development department. The kitchen is full of delicious smells and we are working on new treats and most exciting of all, the fresh food.

I am so busy and love my job, I promise to only pass flavours and recipes that are really amazing and full of goodness!