Dog Friendly Businesses


Are you a dog friendly business?  If you welcome 4 legged furry customers into your establishment then it seems only fair that they too can have a treat and enjoy their own healthy snack.

Dog owners are particularly discerning when choosing where to go with their pet and there is an increasing trend to seek out dog friendly places so that their dog does not have to stay at home alone.  Dogs are very much part of the family and owners want to be together when they go out!

Dog friendly businesses will benefit from not only more customers as they can visit you with their dog but you can upsell their order with a pouch of dog treats as well!  Win win! (or maybe woof woof!).

Dog friendly BusinessOrders can be placed online or if you prefer just contact us.  We can help you with your marketing too!  We have lots of ideas on how you can publicise your new service to customers and remain a step ahead of the competition!  We can help with ideas for your social media and how to create a really attractive display ready for your customers to drool over!

Why not attract more humans to spend their money with you and have their dog included? Contact us now to discuss your requirements or order online.  There are 25 pouches in a box and 3 flavours to pick from (or have all 3!) so get started today!